Fenster schliessen
Get up (Quasy Modo)

Helpless feeling down and for those insane
Who cannot feel the pain
To see the things around in depressive way
Too tired for a word to say

Spring-time comes again
The Easter sun will rise
We cannot hide the light
We have to recognize

Get up, get up for heaven
Get up, look to the whole in sky
Get up, forget your depression
Get up, no doubt and no deny, no

Apathetic, sad and so far away
Reproaches and self-blame
No more in mood for love, only tuned to spew
Not able anything to do

Spring-time comes ...

Get up, ...

Unlucky wrecked, but no tears, no cry
What is the reason, why ?
Better kill oneself then to bear the ache
Never fly into a rage

Spring-time comes ...

Get up, ...Get up !
Fenster schliessen